About Us

Floreciendo juntos, desde 1995.

Our story:

Our story begins over 100 years ago. Since 1918, the Zapata family has shown commitment and excellence in the agriculture sector. At its beginning, it was one of the largest almond producers and sellers and the leader in the horticulture sector in terms of production in the Región de Murcia.

Some years afterwards, in the 1990s, a new era startswithin the family. Javier Muñoz Zapata, coming from the third generation, starts a new entrepreneurial project: Capellanía Viveros. Nowadays, Capellanía Viveros, based in San Pedro del Pinatar, in the Mar Menor area, is the leader company in the cactus, ornamental plants and poinsettias sector in terms of quality and quantity in Spain.

Executive director:

Javier Muñoz Zapata is an agricultural technical engineer, graduated from the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. He has studied 2 MBAs about environment, landscaping and gardening. Due to his professional and personal experience within the agriculture sector, and being influenced by the changes that this sector has suffered since his grandfather started working the land he owns. He decided to switch the business model from horticulture to ornamental plant.

Based on his awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment, he has developed an environmentally friendly and sustainable business model that has helped Capellanía Viveros to get some regional and national rewards.

Our track and guidelines for the future:

One of the most important headlines of Capellanía Viveros is how it has evolved from a traditional business, with just regional impact, towards a big company with a big clients network in national and international markets. Right now, we sell our plants all over Spain and to six EU countries.

The company’s main characteristics are a business model based on traditional values, taking care of our clients and giving them a customized service, and caring about the plants and the environment by respecting the natural growth period of each of them and implementing various sustainable energy sources in our production department.

For us, every request is a challenge to show excellence and commitment to our customers. Every crop and every shipment is a new opportunity to make an exceptional job for those who trust in us.

Capellanía Viveros means excellence, tradition and customers’ satisfaction. Contact us via: Social Media, Google, email or WhatsApp. We will always be ready for you.

Capellanía Viveros team.